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Dollars at Work - Overall Impact
On behalf of Trinity Health Foundation we would like to thank everyone who partnered with us during the past fiscal year (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016) to positively impact the health and wellness of our region. During the past year, the Trinity Health Foundation Board received 42 requests, of which 40 received funding totaling $569,030.*

Items that received approval from the Trinity Health Foundation Board included:
  • The purchase of three Xenex Germ Zapping Robots (two for Trinity Hospital and one for Trinity Homes)
  • Remodeling of the Alzheimer's Unit and patios at Trinity Homes
  • CrossFit Equipment for the Cancer Exercise Rehab Program, at the Minot Family YMCA
  • New furniture for the Surgeon's Lounge located at Trinity Hospital
  • Tonometers and an Eyemaster for Trinity Regional Eyecare (TRE) - the tonometers are being used at TRE-Minot Center and TRE-Devils Lake, and the Eyemaster is being used for cataract surgeries by Dr. Evelyne Kindy in Bottineau
  • Staff member attendance at the Air Transport and Radiologic Technology Conferences
  • Several other requests for equipment, supplies and items to improve our service to patients, their families and staff members
More details about many of these items can be found through the following links.

Additionally, the PRIDE Committee received 50 requests of which 43 received funding totaling $141,595.* This includes funding for 30 employee hardship requests, 10 facilities/equipment requests, and 3 conference registration requests.

PRIDE is Trinity Health's employee giving program, and Trinity Health employees may designate fund to PRIDE from their paychecks. PRIDE has three purposes:
1. To assist employees facing a hardship situation for themselves or an immediate family member,
2. To provide for the continuing education of Trinity Health staff members by paying for conference registration costs, and
3. To assist with facility and equipment upgrades and enhancements.

In total the Trinity Health Foundation funded 83 requests totaling $710,625.* This is only possible thanks to the generosity of many donors, who gifts are improving the lives of people in our region.

Donors can feel confident knowing that 100% of every dollar donated to Trinity Health Foundation goes directly to support programs and services to improve health and wellness. No donated funds are used to pay for overhead or administrative costs.

For more information about Trinity Health Foundation and how you can partner with us to create a system of care with the most significant impact on health and wellness throughout our region please contact Al Evon (701) 857-5432 or Cody McManigal (701) 857-2430.

*Some requests may be approved in one fiscal year but are actually paid out during the next fiscal year due to the time required to process each request.
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