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Donate to the Horn of Plenty Turkey Drive

Horn of Plenty 2018 Online Giving Form

Contributions to Trinity Health Foundation, a not-for profit, private organization are tax-deductible, as provided by law. Trinity Health Foundation is committed to principles of good stewardship and pledges itself to use the gifts you generously provide to benefit those in our care.

Trinity Health Foundation is pleased to begin our 7th year of partnering with KHRT and the Horn of Plenty. Last year, more than 1,000 people from 300+ families were reached with food and toys. The number of people served included more than 600 children between the ages of baby to 16 years of age. That means over 60% of the individuals helped were under 17 years old.

Last year, thanks to donations made by Trinity Health staff, board members and other friends, the Foundation raised $8,210 through the Turkey Drive for the Horn of Plenty. All of the gifts given were appreciated and they positively impacted families in the region. Our partnership with KHRT and the Horn of Plenty makes a difference in the health and wellness of the community and offers families hope at a critical time of the year.

This year’s goal is $8,300 to help support families in the region who are in need. $15 will purchase a turkey for a family and $45 will provide an entire box of food.

In addition to raising funds, Trinity Health staff members also assist in packing and delivering boxes for the families that will be receiving them. Here is a perspective on the Horn of Plenty by three staff members who helped to deliver to gift boxes last year:

In addition to raising funds, Trinity Health staff members also assist in packing and delivering boxes for the families that will be receiving them. Here is a perspective on the Horn of Plenty by three staff members who helped to deliver to gift boxes last year:

“My first experience with the Horn of Plenty came several years ago, just after the horrific flood in 2011. That year, I volunteered with several co-workers to put baskets together and to ultimately deliver those baskets to the folks that were to receive them. That experience had a profound impact on me.

To say the least….the very least….I went home that evening after the deliveries were made and explained to my wife what I had witnessed. I told her that we need to be much more grateful for what we have in life. We have been blessed with good health, good jobs and good fortune. I thought what we had seen that evening as we delivered the baskets was much to do with the flood and that living conditions were difficult because of the combination of the flood and the recent oil boom. While the rest of the nation was experiencing a slow economy, thanks to the energy industry, our regional economy was growing and there were plenty of jobs available. Therefore, we were experiencing an influx of people coming into our community seeking employment in the oil field and its supporting industries. Unfortunately, the flood wiped out a significant number of homes in our community at this exact time. That double whammy dramatically impacted living conditions because a place to live was difficult to find and demand for housing was incredibly high.

As a result, that year we made many deliveries to people staying in FEMA trailers. Knowing that so many people, especially children, had been displaced from their homes was heart wrenching.

This past year, I once again participated in the Horn of Plenty, helping to deliver baskets to families in need. Two of my colleagues assisted me in this effort. Once again, the experience had a profound impact on me, and it also changed my perspective.

What I and my co-workers learned last year was that it wasn’t just a flood nor was it just an influx of new families into our community seeking employment. The reality is that even when things are going well, there are no disasters occurring locally, and the economy are good, there are still some folks who get left behind. Through no fault of their own, many times people find themselves in predicaments that might seem hopeless.

We all know that no situation is without hope. Love, hope and faith go together and can always be present. Hope is what we cling to when we can’t find anything else. Faith is great if you have it! Love is something that we all long to know and experience.

Our team of volunteers was comprised of care givers. As care givers, we all have a passion for people. We wouldn’t be doing these kinds of work we did if we didn’t care about people. But the horn of plenty helps takes the care and compassion for people to a new level.

As we sum up the experience from last year’s Horn of Plenty we enjoyed our experience. We saw up close and personal the GREAT need in our own community. It seems that sometimes we deny that this great need exists in our own neighborhoods. We felt like we were really helping as we raised money for the turkeys and other items, and assisted in delivering the baskets. But we also learned another important lesson: Being part of the crew that assisted the Horn of Plenty probably did as much, or more, for us as it did for the people getting the baskets.

We would encourage everyone to give generously and welcome them to help with this great event. “

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