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Donate to the Foundation

Types of Support

Like many nonprofit organizations, Trinity Health Foundation needs three types of support – Annual Support, Capital Support, and Endowment Support.

Annual Support Gifts provide for the daily operation of, and programs offered by, Trinity Health Foundation. These gifts enable Trinity Health Foundation to meet both regular and ongoing healthcare needs, and to respond quickly to special opportunities that arise.

Capital Support Gifts provide for the development, renovation and maintenance of facilities, as well as for the purchase and maintenance of necessary equipment. This includes the purchase of new equipment and investing in the latest technology that will enable us to best meet the needs those we serve.

Endowment Support Gifts provide regular and stable funding for Trinity Health Foundation and the programs and services that we support. Gifts to Trinity Health Foundation’s endowments are invested and each year no more than 5% of the fund may be expended. One way to give to endowments is through a planned gift. For more information on planned giving please visit Trinity Health Foundation’s planned giving site.

We ask that you carefully consider which of these three support options best fits your charitable plans. Regardless of the type of support you select, your gifts will improve the health and wellness of people in the region.

Donate to the Foundation
For more than 90 years, Trinity Health Foundation and partners like you have been making a positive difference in health and wellness of people in our region. Trinity Health Foundation is supported through the financial stewardship of individuals, families, family foundations, corporations, foundations, civic clubs and other organizations. Through your gift to Trinity Health Foundation you will help make a significant impact on the quality of life in our region.

We know that those who seek to support Trinity Health Foundation have different preferences and priorities for how their donations are utilized. Because we desire to provide donors with flexibility and control in their giving, Trinity Health Foundation offers a variety of ways by which you may give and a variety of specific projects and programs that your donations may support.

Contributions to Trinity Health Foundation, a not-for profit, private organization are tax-deductible, as provided by law. Trinity Health Foundation is committed to principles of good stewardship and pledges itself to use the gifts you generously provide to benefit those in our care.
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