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Horn of Plenty - Annual Turkey Drive
The experience was emotional, and it made me appreciate just how fortunate I am.”

—Trinity Employee

Trinity Health Foundation partners with local radio station KHRT during their Horn of Plenty campaign. The Horn of Plenty reaches out to families in need during the Christmas season. Trinity Health Foundation has taken the responsibility for raising the funds for the turkeys that go into the baskets provided to families. Trinity Health staff members also assist in delivering the baskets. Last year enough funds were raised to provide turkeys for more than 400 area families.

My husband and I donated to the Turkey Drive at Trinity, and we also received the opportunity to deliver the baskets to three families. The experience was emotional, and it made me appreciate just how fortunate I am.

At the first stop, we had a hard time finding the right apartment. It was a very large apartment building, it was dark outside and we had no idea where to start. A resident at the apartment building assisted us in finding the right place. We knocked on the door and it was answered promptly. We explained the reason for the visit and the lady who answered the door said that we must have the wrong apartment. She and her husband were so shocked and thankful for the basket. They shared with us that they were thankful but felt there must be others that needed the basket more.

The second family we delivered to couldn’t stop smiling and thanking us when we explained who we were and what we were delivering.

The final family lived in the outskirts of town and in a secured apartment building. The door to the apartment building was locked. We dialed the phone number we were given and got a voicemail. We left a message and were deciding what to do next, when we noticed a gentleman come out of the building to take out the trash. We asked him if the apartment number was in his building and explained we were there to deliver a basket. He let us in the building and of course stood by to ensure we were doing what we said. We knocked on the door and at first no one answered. We could hear children inside and knocked a couple more times. Finally the door was opened by the mother and three small children were beside her. We told them who we were and what we were delivering. She was so appreciative and the looks on the children’s face were priceless.

This was a deeply moving experience. My husband and I were both thrilled to be able to help with this great cause.

— Trinity Volunteer
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