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Horn of Plenty - 2017 Annual Turkey Drive
For the fifth year in a row, the Trinity Health Foundation helped raise money to purchase turkeys and other perishable and non-perishable food items for KHRT’s annual Horn of Plenty campaign. This campaign helps to distribute food and gift baskets to families in need in the community during the holiday season.

Through the assistance of donations made by Trinity Health staff, board members and other friends, the Foundation exceeded its goal by raising $6,490.

Donate to the 2017 HOP Turkey Drive!

“Thanks to the wonderful generosity that has been displayed by Trinity Health staff members, board members, and other friends of Trinity Health Foundation, we eclipsed the goal that we set for this year,” said Al Evon, director of the Trinity Health Foundation. “The donations that were made are greatly appreciated and will positively impact families in the region. Our partnership with KHRT and the Horn of Plenty makes a difference in the health and wellness of the community and gives families hope at a critical time of the year.”

A check for the amount was presented at the Horn of Plenty’s home base on December 8. With the help of some volunteers from Trinity Health the baskets were delivered to area families on December 12.

An insider’s look at the Turkey Drive – A view from two co-workers and friends who make a difference

Co-Worker 1: I have worked at Trinity Health for 5 years. The first couple of years, I donated money to help with the Turkey Drive, to help the underprivileged in our area. I did this because I feel it is important to share the blessings to which I have been bestowed with others in need.

The last several years, I have teamed up with another Trinity director, and in addition to donating, we decided to help deliver baskets because there was a request for assistance. And that has made a significant difference in how I feel about the program.

Co-Worker 2: I thought it was a wonderful idea when Trinity Health made the commitment to raise funds for the purchase of Turkeys for the Horn of Plenty Baskets. I had always donated funds but had not given much thought about the remaining steps of the Horn of Plenty process until a co-worker asked if I would be interested in being her partner to deliver baskets. This invitation ended up being the start of a venture that we look forward to each year.

Co Worker 1: What has been significant to us about the program is the reaction we see from those we serve. Generally, the families include children, who are so surprised and elated that we arrive on their doorstep bringing baskets of food. They hurriedly and expectantly look through the basket, and seem so happy. Their parents are genuinely grateful, and express that with words, and often, tears. We have firsthand knowledge and understanding that when we give, we also receive.

Co-Worker 2: The joy we see in the recipient’s eyes when we arrive at their home with a food basket and gifts for families with children is overwhelming. Taking the extra step to visit with these families and wishing them Season Greetings is well worth it. They are truly grateful and express their thanks with words and often tears of joy.

Co-Worker 1: I recall a situation where upon delivering a basket, the woman who opened the door appeared quite frail. I asked if I could bring the basket in as it was quite heavy, and she replied to simply leave it inside the doorway. I could see there was garbage piled everywhere, and no lights were on. I asked if she needed help. She explained she had no family around; she had no money for fuel, so she was living in one room. She asked if I could help. I said I would do what I could, as long as I had her permission. The next day, I spoke to hospital staff to inquire how I could help this lady. Our resources directed me to an agency that made welfare checks on the elderly. I made a call to request a welfare check on this lady, and was assured it would be done. Going an extra step to help took no time at all, and I am sure the visit by someone as a result of a quick phone call, may have helped this situation.

Co-Worker 2: In the end, we feel that we have been blessed to be a part of this community program and share, if even a short period in time with these amazing families.
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