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Trinity Health Foundation invests in Student-Athlete health at Minot Public Schools
Trinity Sports Medicine has been providing athletic training services to Minot Public Schools for more than 25 years. In the last five to seven years, Minot Public Schools had made significant investments to ensure the safety of their student athletes by increasing the presence of Trinity Sports Medicine certified athletic trainers in the schools and at all sub-varsity events for grades 9-12. With that increase has come a significant increase in number of student- athletes seen, but what wasn’t able to increase was the size of the Magic City Campus athletic training room, which was a very tight 274 square feet. Considering that the Sports Medicine Staff was seeing between 30-50 student athletes each afternoon, patient care was directly being affected.

During the 2016-17 school year, Trinity Health Foundation approved funding for construction and expansion of the Sports Medicine Center on Magic City campus. The new construction increased the size of the area to more than 490 square feet which allowed space for two additional treatment tables, a taping table, two staff desks and space for injury rehabilitation. This new space will not only allow the Trinity Sports Medicine Staff to improve the care of the student-athletes at Magic City Campus, but will also improve patient privacy and the efficiency of the certified athletic trainers providing the services.
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