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PRIDE is Trinity Health’s employee giving program, and Trinity Health employees may designate funds to PRIDE from their paychecks. PRIDE has three purposes:

1. To assist employees facing a hardship situation for themselves or an immediate family member.
2. To assist with facility and equipment upgrades and enhancements.

Last year, PRIDE funded
  • 49 employee hardship requests
  • 10 facilities/equipment requests
  • 13 conference registration requests

In total PRIDE awarded more than $199,000 last year!

Here is a story about one of the employees who benefited from the PRIDE Fund.

I have been an employee of Trinity since 2009. Up until November 2016, I had been a relatively healthy person. After several providers at Trinity had exhausted all possible testing to find what was causing all my debilitating symptoms, I was referred to Mayo Clinic in April. By this time I had almost depleted all my sick/PTO and was extremely worried about finances, as most people in my shoes would be. On my last day of work before leaving to Minnesota, I was greeted by two gentlemen from The Foundation. I remember their kind words of encouragement and well wishes for safe travels and they handed me a check. I was in shock and so very thankful that I asked if they would accept a hug - both agreed! After they left, I cried tears of relief and thankfulness.

The generous gift helped me pay for gas, hotels and food for the duration of my stay at Mayo (three weeks). Without this I don’t know what I would have done as I went down thinking I would only be there one week, not three weeks. It was so nice to not have to worry about money when you’re completely down and out with an illness.

How fortunate am I to work for an organization that really cares and understands the needs of their employees. Forever PROUD to work at Trinity Health.

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