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PRIDE stands for Providing Resources In Dedicated Employees. PRIDE is Trinity Health’s charitable giving program for employees and is designed to assist fellow employees. A committee made up of 10 Trinity Health Staff members reviews all of the requests and allocates funding. Committee members may serve a maximum of two, three-year terms (maximum of 6 years). Committee membership is reflective of Trinity’s 64,000 square foot service area in that committee members must come from Williston, Trinity Homes, Kenmare, Trinity Hospital, Minot Clinics and other Rural Facilities and the Trinity Health Foundation.

PRIDE provides funds for the following:

1. Hardship: unexpected tragedy of an employee or the employee’s immediate family (family death or illness) or a disaster (fire, flood, tornado or other disaster)
2. Conference Registrations
3. Facility/Equipment upgrades

In the last Fiscal Year, July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016, PRIDE Awarded funding for:

1. 30 employee hardship requests
2. 10 facilities/equipment requests
3. 3 conference registration requests

In total PRIDE awarded $141,595.

Below are two stories of PRIDE’s impact in the last fiscal year.

I have been working for Trinity for almost a year now. I really love my co-workers and my job. My co-workers are very supportive and a compassionate group of ladies. They saw that I was struggling with life and my finances and medical issues for my daughter. My daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic kidney disease, and she suffers with pain on a daily basis. This has also brought about depression and anxiety. She is my life and trying to make sure she is treated and taken care of is what keeps me going. However, her medical bills were mounting and became so much more than I could manage. I was honestly afraid we would be homeless because of the money needed to pay them and our living expenses in general. I just could not keep up.

During this time, someone suggested I apply to PRIDE. I had no idea what that was. I printed my story and submitted my application, not really figuring anything may happen, when out of the blue two nice gentlemen from Trinity Health Foundation came to my office and asked to speak to me. They were so very kind and compassionate. They let me know that PRIDE would be submitting funds to help pay a portion of my daughter’s medical bills. I just cried tears of joy and had to hug them both!

The foundation’s help was such a relief.

Several days later I was sitting at my office window working when the gentlemen came back by again. I had assumed they needed to see someone else in the office. However, they quietly handed me a slip of paper with my name on it, stating that thanks to a decision by the Foundation Board of Directors they had sent another payment toward my daughter’s bills. I was speechless for a few moments and began to cry. I’m a hugger, and I had to hug them both again!

I cannot begin to thank PRIDE or the Trinity Health Foundation enough, or those at Trinity who donate to the fund. It is a saving grace to many, and my daughter and I will be forever grateful!

I honestly did not even know that the PRIDE program existed. When I returned from work after my dad passed away, one of the nurses told me she put my name in for this program. That was the first I had ever heard of it. I didn't think much about it afterwards and then the two gentlemen from the foundation showed up and gave me the check. I was absolutely blown away! Never did I imagine such a program existed for employees to help with hardship. It really made a huge difference as a single mom who had to take some unpaid leave while my dad was sick. The money I was awarded helped with my father’s final expenses. I am truly grateful for this program and the wonderful coworker who thought of me!

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