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Yoga Therapy for CancerCare patients
Many oncology patients undergo a rigorous treatment regimen that can affect their overall quality of life once completed. Feelings of overwhelming fatigue and weakness can make even the most routine daily tasks seem impossible leading to increased stress and anxiety. One of the goals of the Trinity CancerCare Survivorship Program is to help get patients back on their feet and on with their lives following oncology treatment. In keeping with the Trinity Health mission of excelling at meeting the needs of the whole person, representatives from Trinity CancerCare Center’s survivorship program began offering a gentle yoga class in May 2014.

This gentle yoga class, led by a certified yoga instructor and participants from Trinity CancerCare Center, was designed specifically with the oncology patient in mind. Staying within the standard aspects of yoga, but with a more gentle approach, patients are able to learn and complete exercises with a focus on reducing stress, improving flexibility, strength, and improve posture and balance. The response to the class has been very positive to date with approximately 55 patients having participated with usually 6-8 participants at each session.

“I have been honored to guide the Survivorship Program gentle yoga class since its inception. The class offers poses to build strength and balance, mindfulness to deal with stress and anxiety and the option to network with others. All of this is without judgment, competition and expectation. Our mantra is listening to our body.” Nancy Scofield, yoga instructor.

The gentle yoga class is offered every Thursday from 5:30 – 6:30 pm and held in the Trinity CancerCare Center Lobby. Patients are provided a free yoga mat courtesy of the Trinity Health Foundation and the foundation also provides stipends for the instructors.
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